Where they fall” is a brief atmospheric story game centered around the art of cleromancy. You play as a Germanic seer, interpreting the will of the gods through the throw of rune pieces. Assist your chieftain in an upcoming conflict with Roman forces and give the best advice possible in order to survive. May Tyr grant you strength!

( ! ) NOTE: If you experience mouse drift or any other issue with the WebGL build, try switching to another browser or try the Standalone Build

Made in 48 hours as a submission to the GMTK GameJam 2022. A thing by Team Manatea and @Flo123147

Programming - Christopher Bernal (https://twitter.com/TheVastBernie)
Design & Narrative - Stefan Kessler (https://twitter.com/EldritchShrimp)
2D & 3D Art - Hanna Siek
3D Art - Florian Mehlich
Music & Sounds - Philipp Norpoth (https://twitter.com/NorpothPhilipp)

Thanks for playing!

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(83 total ratings)
TagsAtmospheric, First-Person, storygame


Where They Fall - JamVersion 63 MB
Where They Fall - PostJamVersion 64 MB

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is it inspired by Inscryption or the opposite? 

Finished the game with success. Exciting, unique and stressfull in a way. Took me some time to understand everything, but eventually I got it. Really fun.


Adored the art style and the unique aesthetic! This feels almost like something out of a play, in which the player is a meaningful character in! Good stuff.


I'd love that it was a full version with more things... I loved this concept.


it would have been nice to know what the symbols on the board mean but otherwise a lot of fun

ps to other players: There is a zoom button!

I can't play the game it just glitches out :(


I succeeded, but I honestly have no idea if i was interpreting it right lmao

Wow, your lucky. I died :(

Manatea, you did a marvellous job with this game - the music, the visuals and art direction are on point! <3

Looking forward a full release. 


Did you decide to continue development towards a full release? Its such a cool concept!


Inscryption vibes lol


Hey Manatea,

We just reviewed your game in our channel and we'd love to hear your thoughts on it! Here's a link to the video:


Bruh i choose random answers just to see what would happen and i won


Really like the concept and I hope you'll expand on it.

There are (as far as I can see) two games here.

The try-fail cycle with a clear win condition suggests a puzzle game. With a strong "tutorial" (starting with only 4 runes and simpler questions) and eventually using the full 24 runes (including using the divisions between the 3 Aett). This will probably be a wickedly difficult puzzle game by the end.

The other option would be to lean into the vagueness of the predictions. Doing away with immediate failure and going down the road of a visual novel, with different, long-term, consequences based on your choices. (consequences such as: "The hunter died, but we found a ruin. A blessing in disguise?")

Both options sound really fun and interesting. I'm looking forward to your future.


I only really realised the finer details after the first set of questions, but regardless this was fantastically executed and it was very intriguing and tense till the very end, bravo!


Damn that was very good, I felt like I was just making things up but at the same time I got a perfect (I think? tried again getting wrong on purpose after and I immediately get killed so I'm guessing I got all right).

I don't think it would make a great game if it was a full game of just that but it's actually a pretty interesting system.

What I would like to see on the other hand is a system like that used as a  sort of divination skill in a game, where you get very cryptic messages about things like an upcoming quest and it would help you prepare for it if you interpret it correctly. 


Its so painfully good. In a good way, of course.


I couldnt understand this game.. please somebody explain the board to meXD

you have to inuperate the symbols on the board to get context on the stones meaning


history recalls that shortly after the conquest of Gaul, the Romans began to take on the challenging tribes to the north.  in the mountains through beautiful landscapes owned by a deeply proud people living in squalid peaceful arrangements.  for hundreds of years the battles continue as the determined germanic peoples fought back against the largest single invader it had ever known.  eventually winning and beginning the fall of the Roman Empire they existed through darkest of times and through the brightest intellectual revolutions.  as with many other possible cultural extinctions, any time the chance could have wiped out completely either history.


I pushed enemies back,but I am still confused about the stone’s meaning.

That is the whole point, it is very vauge and it is your inturpretation that matters


I absolutely love the concept, the atmosphere is brilliant and it really fun trying to read the runes and defeat the romans.

i personally am a big fan of the fact that i was never sure if i was making the right decision or if it was just pure blind luck, it really helped build the air of mystery and suspense.

You are never sure if the gods are actually helping you and giving you signs or if you are just making wild guesses and hoping for the best.

Its kind realistic in that sense and i like that you are never really sure if you did the right thing.

Are the gods really there or is the Seer just a crack pot hoping for the best.



What an amazing concept. I felt fully immersed in my role as a seer. Would love to see a full version of this game!


That was so good. While it took a little bit to learn the game, it was so worth it and I beat it on my first try. I would love to see this become a full game.

idk if it's just my laptop but, oh my god zooming in would kill someone with epilepsy. 


I can imagine what the problem might be here. Low frame rates can probably cause severe stutters. Sorry if that is the case, it's a game jam project after all...

is there a way I can change graphic settings so it might run better on my laptop


Right now there is no way to change the quality, sorry. We might be able to add something at a later date though. Especially the zooming issue might be addressable quite easily. If you follow us on itch you should be notified if we upload a new version.


Amazing! Hard to believe this was made in 2 days. What a great concept! I really enjoyed figuring out the correct interpretations. I love that it's so cryptic and ambiguous, but if you pay enough attention you can get to the solution quite easily. Very well designed! Good job, folks.


Really fun and innovative game. Great job!


I don't understand. I won on the first try- did I just get lucky? I had no idea what the signs meant the entire time.

unplayable for me, looks cool though


Congrats on top 20!


This is the best idea! Would love to see this expanded upon


After some trial and error, I figured out that the thing I got wrong was the last cardinal direction, which is frustrating, since it was pointing more west than north! Otherwise, great concept and well done!


I think its not where the arrow points but where the stone lands on the piece of paper

The book said cardinal directions for arrows like that


it says to look where it lands, not where it points

(1 edit) (+4)

What I don't understand is why we don't throw dice again when new question asked. First sequence is literally 2 yes/no questions in a row that gets same answer from same rune positions, that makes no sense, like every question asked today will receive same answer.

Other than that, really atmospheric, was a little bit angry on book not giving description of zones, but I guess it adds mystics and uncertanty to divining, which would be good for game, and anyway I got all question first try.

Would be nice to have such game with true random and maybe infinite sequence of random questions like in Reigns, lasting until you die


make this into a full game


Amazing game: loved the narrative, the developing storyline and the tribal, mystic art. Felt like a medievil, warring version of the fairy rooms in Zelda. This would be an excellent minigame format in a game of minigames.


Very cool concept. Learning curve is quite bothersome but once you're in the zone it's amazing!


I did it on my first try. You just have to be creative. For example the sign of horses was at the top, so they had to use cavallery


Fantastic game, tho a bit short and confusing (also not running super well on potatoes pc)

I managed to win on my 2nd run, yet still have no idea how many errors I made

Would love to see a full version of it!


Sound design is so good, just wow.


I would pay good money for this if it was a full game.


Fantastic, if developed into a full fledged game it would be amazing.

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